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Raccoon Attic Damage In Sevierville, TN

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Raccoon Attic Damage Restoration In Sevierville

Most homeowners are shocked at the amount of damage just one raccoon can cause in their attic and homes. When confronted in confined spaces, such as your home, business or shed, raccoons can become very aggressive and destructive. Like humans, raccoons do not like to be backed into a corner!

A raccoon can cause insulation damage, sheetrock damage, roof, shingle and other structural damage. Raccoons often defecate and urinate all over your attic insulation, which will need to be sanitized with special enzymes, then have soiled insulation replaced. Alpha Wildlife Knoxville spends quality time on attic restorations because structural damage and insulation replacement need to be done correctly to keep your homes safe from issues that often arise from poorly done work, along with diseases carried by raccoons.

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    Raccoon damage in Knoxville

    Our Sevierville raccoon removal and attic restoration specialists use special tools, equipment and gear to removal all traces of nuisance wildlife. Our goal is complete prevention, sanitization, and safety for you, your family and your pets.

    Don’t take attic restoration lightly. Removing all traces of the raccoon infestation in your attic and sanitizing is vital to your health. We feel it is important to educate our customers on why this is so important, but the decision is yours to make. Remnants left behind by raccoons in your attic attract many animals, such as mice, rats, and flying squirrels.

    A raccoon is the least desirable animal to have in your attic! Feel free to ask us any questions! We are trained on the habits of wildlife and have experience with many different situations and outcomes of previous work to attempt animal removal and prevention.

    Entryways Repaired & Sealed

    After adult raccoons are removed and search for litters of baby raccoons is concluded, we inspect your home, inside and out, for entry places. We fix and seal these entryways which will prevent other animals (mice, rats, flying squirrels) from entering your home in these same places.

    raccoon removal and trapping services in knoxville tn

    Roof, Shingle, Sheetrock & Other Structural Damage

    Our experienced team in Sevierville repairs this structural damage with prevention top of mind. Additionally, after raccoons have lived in your attic for any period of time, insulation damage is expected. Raccoons usually defecate and urinate all over your attic and our raccoon removal specialists remove the soiled insulation and replace it.

    You will notice that loose fill insulation has become matted with fecal and urine, and it is now compressed. Replacing insulation also gets rid of areas that raccoon diseases were left behind by raccoons running all around your attic. Diseases are carried on their paws and feces.

    Performing Raccoon Damage Cleanup

    After getting rid of animal inhabitants in your attic, the final step is decontaminating your attic with special enzymes. Raccoon feces are often contaminated with roundworms, which are linked to several diseases. Harmful microbes from animal feces can become airborne and lead to life-threatening illnesses such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Call our raccoon removal experts in the Sevierville area immediately if you hear sounds early in the morning or in the evening. Delaying this call can easily lead to costly damage, including wiring damage.

    FACT: Raccoons are not picky about what they eat. They eat plants, bugs and will eat plants, bugs, and other small mammals, though they are omnivores. They love to share cat food with your cats left out overnight!

    Raccoon Attic Damage Experts In Sevierville, TN

    Make sure to choose the Sevierville raccoon removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about raccoon removal and prevention in the Sevierville, TN area, call us at (865) 224-6555. Contact our raccoon control experts to learn more!

    Alpha Wildlife offers raccoon removal in Knoxville, TN including Alcoa, Clinton, Friendsville, Gatlinburg, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Powell, Sevierville &  Townsend. This includes the following counties: Jefferson, Blount, Knox, Sevier, and Anderson. Call (865) 224-6555 now!



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