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Skunk Damage In Pigeon Forge, TN

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Possible Damage Due To Skunks

The defense mechanism of a skunk is well known; however, they can cause a lot of expensive damage to your property in the greater Pigeon Forge area. Skunks will often dig holes and burrow under the front steps of homes or buildings, or under decks or sheds to secure a place to live and have babies. Sometimes they dig up your yard in an attempt to find the perfect spot to build their den.

Burrowing by skunks may lead to weakening foundation structures which can lead to expensive damage. Skunks can burrow under your house and cause major damage to your electrical work and plumbing. Skunks living in a crawlspace on your property will defecate, urinate and contaminate the insulation and soil. These droppings should be removed in the clean-up process to prevent diseases and parasites.

Skunks love to tear duct lines and use the insulation in their dens. They also love to burrow under woodpiles and under piles of leaves on properties in Pigeon Forge.

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    Skunk Damage To Gardens

    Skunks often take up residence in the Pigeon Forge area under sheds and in hot tubs. Since sheds are often elevated off the ground, this is a picture perfect place for raising a family. If there is an obvious shelter to have and raise babies, a skunk will seek it!

    Did You Find A Dead Skunk In Your Pigeon Forge Yard?

    If skunks make their home under your porch or home, chances are they will be giving birth there, and maybe even dying there (trust us, the smell of a dead skunk is unimaginable!). Learn more about skunk diseases.

    NoteBefore relocating a skunk, always check to see if they have babies in the area.

    Our Pigeon Forge skunk removal experts have the tools and training to safely handle these very strong nuisance animals. Learn more about diseases skunks can carry that can be transmitted to you or your pets.

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