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Raccoons In Your Pigeon Forge, TN Attic


How Do Raccoons Get Into Your Attic?

Known as one of the most intelligent pest animals in the Pigeon Forge area, raccoons can make their way into closed containers and cause a mess, along with a lot of damage. While gaining entry into your attic, raccoons often cause major damage to your roof and attic. Raccoons are also adaptable, which makes raccoon removal and prevention both time consuming and difficult.

Traditionally, raccoons live inside dens that are in natural tree and rock hollows. In urban areas around Pigeon Forge (and other places), they’ve discovered that attics, chimneys, garages and sheds offer them the perfect shelter they’ve been searching for. Raccoons generally find their way into your attic in search of protection. Your attic and roof provide high ground which gives them a safe, warm and dry place, away from predators (hawks, snakes, owls). Attics, particularly, are a perfect place for a mother to give birth to her young. Outside, raccoons generally run away from humans, but inside your home or shed, they often become aggressive if they feel their babies are in harms way.

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    FACT:  Female raccoons have a ‘mother instinct’ that is very strong. They will cause major damage in your home if they are separated from their kits (babies).

    Since raccoons are nocturnal, you’ll hear them mostly at night. They make heavy, loud and dragging noises when they walk and sound a lot larger than they are!  People often think there is a person in their attic! Raccoons also make vocal noise such as growling and chattering. If their babies are living in your attic, you may hear them crying when their mother goes out to find food.

    While raccoons may enter and live in your attic at any time of the year, springtime is more common.  They infest your attic insulation with urination and feces which attract fleas and ticks, spreading diseases. We see a significant increase in raccoon activity in Pigeon Forge homes during the spring, which is their birthing times, and during the winter, which is their mating time. Here are a few common areas were raccoons can enter your home:

    Eave Gaps

    Raccoon removal and trapping knoxvilleThis is where your soffit meets your roof in a dark corner and is one of the most common places that raccoons gain entry. This area typically has a small gap which makes it easy for raccoons to pull further back and squeeze their bodies into. Raccoons use the roof for leverage, and use their shoulders to push open flimsy soffits made from plastic and thin aluminum. Once opened, soffits provide easy access for raccoons to easily gain access to your entire attic.

    Most raccoons maintain and use only one access point. Black rub marks left behind while wiggling their way in is one way to identify raccoon entry.

    Low Hanging Branches Close to Your Roof

    This is like giving raccoons a ladder to easily access your roof. Although they can climb walls to gain roof access, hanging branches sometimes make it easier for them. We recommend that you trim all trees so they don’t extend over your roof.

    Roof Vents

    While vents on roofs are installed to allow for proper attic air circulation, this is also a common entry point for raccoons. They feel the air escaping from your attic and quickly figure a way to destroy your ‘wildlife proof’ vent cover that gives them access to the warmth of your attic. Trust us – aluminum or plastic vent covers are not a match for smart, strong and powerful raccoons!

    Roof Line Gap

    Another vulnerable area on your Pigeon Forge home is the edge of your roof. This area that meets the eavestrough of your home is susceptible to rain (and melted snow) which results in high amounts of moisture, leading to deterioration. Raccoons on a mission can easily chew or tear away any rotted wood on your roof to gain access to your attic (their ‘promise land’). Rotted wood at the edge of your roof provides open access for determined raccoons!


    raccoon removal and trapping services in knoxville tnChimneys mimic hallowed out tree cavities and are attractive for momma raccoons to crawl up and out in search of shelter, food and protection.

    Another perfect spot for female raccoons to nurse their kits (babies) are the bottom of your chimney. Once inside your chimney, raccoons often make their den on top of your fireplace damper. Chimney cap materials are often no challenge for a determined raccoon! Raccoon exclusion is the most viable solution to keep raccoons out of your attic and home. If you need the help of a trained expert, call raccoon experts in Pigeon Forge at (865) 224-6555.

    We are Pigeon Forge’s best raccoon and wildlife removal specialists. Every employee of Alpha Wildlife is nationally certified by NWCOA. Call us to inspect your home and provide a FREE assessment – you’ll experience our professionalism and expertise. We will inspect and assess every part of your home, from ground to roof, to identify all areas of entry. Our wildlife removal professionals will then provide you with a free estimate. The estimate includes removal, fixing all entry points, along with attic clean-up that includes insulation replacement and odor control.

    Everyone with Alpha Wildlife is nationally licensed by NWCOA and insured in Tennessee. A call to us will prove to you our willingness to relieve you of this nuisance as soon as possible, with a fair price. We typically provide same day service in Pigeon Forge.

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