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Signs of Raccoon Infestation In Knoxville, TN

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Signs of Raccoon Infestation

Raccoons are some of the most destructive wildlife in the Knoxville area. If you notice any of these signs below, don’t ignore them. Give us a call, or research raccoon trapping and prevention and take action because they cause a lot of damage and spread diseases.

  • Overturned garbage cans with litter in your yard
  • Tracks in your yard about the size of a small dog
  • Fecal droppings 2 – 3 inches in length (looks like that of a dog)
  • Heavy thumping at night coming from your attic, walls or chimney
  • Garden is dug up
  • Sod in your yard is rolled up
  • Fruit and vegetables gone from garden, trees & vines
  • Stolen pet food (sometimes people mistake raccoons for another cat or dog dining with their animal!). They also steal pet food left inside next to a pet door!
  • Fish being partially eaten from a pond & remnants left in your yard 
  • Seeing a raccoon is often an obvious sign!

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    Raccoons are never neat! They leave a huge mess in their wake, along with obvious signs. Since they are nocturnal, you see their aftermath after they hunt for food at night. Raccoons love tight spaces, darkness and insulation!

    FACT:  Raccoons most often like to make their home in roofs, chimneys and attics. Raccoons that have gotten into your house go out oat night to get food and sleep in your attic during the day. Since they are nocturnal, they are most active at night, often making them quite a nuisance when you are trying to sleep!

    Raccoon Droppings – How to Identify

    Raccoon removal and trapping knoxvilleWe know this sounds nasty, but if you know how to identify raccoon droppings, you can take the proper precautions to protect yourself before sustaining damage, raccoon diseases, and infestation.

    In all animals commonly found in attics, raccoon droppings are very distinct. Take precautions to protect yourself before getting too close to the unidentified droppings as raccoons can potentially carry diseases dangerous to both you and your pets.

    Like cats and other animals, raccoons usually use one location. Their feces are large and many people say they resemble feces of a small dog. Raccoon droppings are tube-shaped and 2-3 inches long.

    Raccoons love to deposit their feces on your roof. You’ll often find large piles of feces built up, usually located along the walls or corners of your attic. These are called raccoon latrines.

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    Alpha Wildlife offers raccoon removal in the Knoxville, TN area, including Alcoa, Clinton, Dandridge, Friendsville, Gatlinburg, Greenback, Kodak, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Powell, Sevierville &  Townsend.

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