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Skunk Removal Services In Gatlinburg, TN

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Skunk removal is one of our specialties. We trap and remove skunks from back yards, under porches, or in the duct lines, HVAC lines and crawlspaces of your Gatlinburg area home or business. After skunks are removed, we repair the damage as crawlspace damage often involves some duct damage as well.

Skunks love to tear duct lines and use the insulation in their dens. Knowing their behavior and habits help with safe removal. Once a skunk has moved under your Gatlinburg area home, quick action is required to minimize their damage. The skunk can spay or die inside your duct line! No doubt this would be quite unpleasant!

Skunk in Your Crawlspace Keeping You Up at Night?

Our Gatlinburg skunk removal team has many years dealing with skunks and learning their habits. This allows us to inspect your crawlspace for habitation, remove them and offer best practices to prevent skunks from entering your crawl spaces & ducts again.

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    Have You Found A Dead Skunk In Your Yard?

    If skunks make their home under your porch or home, chances are they will be giving birth there, and maybe even dying there (trust us, the smell of a dead skunk is unimaginable!). Learn more about skunk diseases.

    Note: Before relocating a skunk, always check to see if they have babies in the area.

    Our Gatlinburg wildlife removal experts have the tools and training to safely handle these very strong nuisance animals. Learn more about diseases skunks can carry that can be transmitted to you or your pets.

    Skunks Will Spray You or Your Pets

    Skunks expel that awful odor as a defense mechanism against predators when they feel intimidated. They can spray up to 15 feet! This odor is extremely hard to get rid of, and honestly, most removal remedies just do not work. As others will tell you, skunk odor can take a very long time to get rid of.

    If you get spray in your eyes, you will experience a bad burning sensation and often temporary blindness. Sprayed clothing is usually discarded as the smell is very hard to remove.

    Skunk Damage

    Skunks living in a crawlspace on your property will defecate, urinate and contaminate the insulation and soil. These droppings should be removed in the clean-up process to prevent diseases and parasites. Skunks love to tear duct lines and use the insulation in their dens.

    Skunks often burrow under woodpiles and under piles of leaves. Additionally, skunks are know to enter and eat all of the vegetables in your garden! Other facts about skunks is that they often take up residence in the Gatlinburg area under sheds and in hot tubs. Since sheds are often elevated off the ground, this is a picture perfect place for raising a family. If there is an obvious shelter to have and raise babies, a skunk will seek it.

    Skunk Trapping


    If you are not familiar with skunk habitats and trapping, call experts from Alpha Wildlife to remove the skunks for you. A mother skunk should never be relocated without her young. Here at Alpha Wildlife Knoxville, we provide the following services:

    • Skunk control
    • Skunk removal
    • Skunk removal from crawlspaces
    • Skunk prevention 
    • Skunk odor neutralization
    • Skunk exclusion services 

    Most often, skunk removal is performed by setting traps or by wildlife exclusion. Skunk exclusion is simply the process of physically keeping the skunk from entering a hole or crack that allows entrance into the den they have made. Skunk trapping is more common in the Gatlinburg TN area. After skunks are removed from your property, a wildlife specialist will fill the holes with cement to ensure that no other skunks in your area will utilize these open dens.


    • Before relocating a skunk, always check to see if they have babies in the area.
    • Have your pets vaccinated for diseases carried by skunks.

    Alpha Wildlife: Gatlinburg Skunk Removal Experts

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    Alpha Wildlife offers skunk removal in the greater Gatlinburg, TN area, including Alcoa, Clinton, Dandridge, Friendsville, Greenback, Kodak, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge, Powell, Sevierville & Townsend.

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