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Raccoons are some of the most destructive wildlife in the Gatlinburg area. Should you notice any of these signs below, don’t ignore them. Give Alpha a call, or research raccoon trapping, exclusion and prevention and take action because they cause a lot of damage and spread diseases.

  • Overturned garbage cans with litter in your yard
  • Tracks in your yard around the size of a small dog
  • Fecal droppings 2 – 3 inches in length (looks like that of a dog)
  • Heavy thumping at night coming from your attic, walls or chimney
  • Garden is dug up
  • Fruit and vegetables gone from garden, trees & vines
  • Stolen pet food (sometimes people mistake raccoons for another cat or dog dining with their animal!). They also steal pet food left inside next to a pet door!
  • Fish being partially eaten from your pond and remnants left in your yard around the pond
  • Seeing a raccoon is often an obvious sign!

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    Need Raccoons Removed From Your Attic?

    Alpha’s Wildlife team will trap and remove raccoons from your attic or crawl spaces. These Gatlinburg raccoon removal experts make sure they use humane relocation techniques. ​

    Known as one of the most intelligent pest animals in the Gatlinburg area, raccoons can make their way into closed containers and cause a mess, along with a lot of damage. While gaining entry into your attic, raccoons often cause major damage to your roof and attic.

    Raccoons are also adaptable, which makes raccoon removal and prevention both time consuming and difficult.

    Traditionally, raccoons live inside dens that are in natural tree and rock hollows. In urban areas around Gatlinburg (and other places), they’ve discovered that attics, chimneys, garages and sheds offer them the perfect shelter they’ve been searching for. Raccoons generally find their way into your attic in search of protection. Your attic and roof provide high ground which gives them a safe, warm and dry place, away from predators (hawks, snakes, owls). Attics, particularly, are a perfect place for a mother to give birth to her young.

    FACT: Female raccoons have a ‘mother instinct’ that is very strong. They will cause major damage in your home if they are separated from their kits (babies).

    Raccoon trapping & removal services In knoxvilleOnce our wildlife team confirms the animal species that has entered your home, we are trained to use the most effective and humane means of removing the animals. While we use many different traps, our team uses the most effective trap for each animal and situation. Outside, raccoons generally run away from humans, but inside your home or shed, they often become aggressive if they feel their babies are in harms way.

    Sometimes we simply set live traps or use other devices that allow the animals to safely exit your home, but not get back inside. Other times we remove the animals by hand, or with special tools such as snare poles. In every animal removal project, Alpha Wildlife Knoxville / Gatlinburg follows and obeys all local and state laws provided by the State of Tennessee. We always take the most humane approach and search for babies before leaving and sanitizing.

    Repair of Entry Holes / Prevention

    Repairing entry holes is a crucial step in the wildlife removal process. Sealing all entry holes shut ensures no future wildlife entry from these holes, which is also our goal. Our job is not considered complete until 100% of the entry holes are found and sealed shut. When applicable, we use steel. Rodents such as rats and squirrels are unable to chew through steel – they prefer wood.

    Attic Decontamination

    Wildlife that enters your home often leave behind large amounts of droppings, urine, hair, oils, food, nesting materials, etc. It is these remnants left behind that attract other rodents (mice, rats, flying squirrels, raccoons) and even maggots. The scent they leave behind often encourages other animals to chew their way into your home, or use the same hole that the first animal used.

    Odor problems are also a big problem. Mold can grow on waste area, and dead animals often attract maggots. Our removal team removes or vacuums all droppings, and removes and replaces all soiled insulation. Next we fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner. This deodorizes and sanitizes the space and destroys any organic matter.


    Call Gatlinburg’s Best Raccoon Removal Specialists

    We are Gatlinburg’s best raccoon and wildlife removal specialists. Every employee of Alpha Wildlife is nationally certified by NWCOA. Call us to inspect your home and provide a FREE assessment – you’ll experience our professionalism and expertise. We will inspect and assess every part of your home, from ground to roof, to identify all areas of entry.

    Our wildlife removal professionals will then provide you with a free estimate. The estimate includes removal, fixing all entry points, along with attic clean-up that includes insulation replacement and odor control.

    Gatlinburg Raccoon Removal Experts

    Make sure to choose the Gatlinburg raccoon removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about raccoon removal and prevention in the Gatlinburg, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (865) 224-6555. Contact our raccoon control experts to learn more about raccoons in your attic, removal services, infestation & attic damage.

    Alpha Wildlife offers raccoon removal in the greater Gatlinburg, TN area, including Alcoa, Clinton, Dandridge, Friendsville, Greenback, Kodak, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge, Powell, Sevierville, Townsend.

    This includes the following counties: Jefferson, Blount, Knox, Sevier, and Anderson. Call (865) 224-6555 now!


    I had a terrible smell under my house and Alpha Wildlife came to my house the same day! They put traps out and caught the skunks almost immediately. Alpha Wildlife sealed my house and cleaned my crawl space. It looks brand new! I highly recommend!

    Karen Anderson

    We had a terrible smell in our bathroom that we assumed was a dead animal. Obviously, we needed help ASAP! I called and were able to get someone on the phone right away and they came out very quickly. They found the issue and were finished in less than 20 minutes! Excellent service! I would highly recommend.

    Karen Anderson

    Worked with us and helped us once we realized we had animals living in our attic. In total they removed 3 raccoons and 2 opossums. All the entry holes were sealed. Great service. I highly recommend.

    Hila Pinch

    I called Alpha Wildlife and within an hour they came out and took care of the issue in minutes with ease. They were very professional and had awesome customer service. I will be sure to recommend to everyone I know that might have unwanted guest in or around their home!

    Darrius Johnson