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Bat Removal Knoxville |  Attics and Crawlspaces

Our expert team in Knoxville specializes in licensed bat removal services, ensuring comprehensive solutions that include not only the safe and humane removal of bats but also preventive measures to block re-entry, repair of damages caused by these unwelcome visitors, and thorough cleaning of accumulated bat guano. Following the cleanup, we sanitize the affected areas, particularly attics and crawlspaces where bats tend to reside, with a specialized odor-eliminating treatment to restore your space to its original condition. Given the challenge bats present once they’ve nested in your property, our Knoxville bat removal professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to effectively handle these situations, including the removal of deceased animals from residential settings. 

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bat removal in Tennessee

It takes years of expertise to learn how to remove bats without harming them and you! Bats carry diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis. Our Knoxville bat removal specialists are licensed and trained to perform effective solutions that will remove the current bat infestation and stop bats from coming back. 

 Alpha Wildlife Knoxville has years of bat removal and control techniques that are guaranteed to work. We strive to answer your calls promptly and give you quick results to protect you and your family’s health.


Bat Removal Knoxville | Bat Inspections

We fully inspect your home for any bat entry points in order to help them move out, remove them, clean up the bat guano (drippings), seal entry point, then sanitize your attic with a biohazard treatment. Typically, once you seal the entry point after the bats have left, the bats will move onto another area. Many people in the Knoxville area create bat houses in order to provide a place for the bats to nest instead of their attic.

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Alpha Wildlife: Your Trusted Bat Removal Company

Make sure to choose the Knoxville flying squirrel removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about flying squirrel removal and prevention in the Knoxville, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (865) 224-6555. Contact our flying squirrel control experts to learn more!

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Common Diseases Spread by Bats in Knoxville


Bats can carry the rabies virus without showing any symptoms, so it’s important to be cautious if you come into contact with one.


This respiratory disease is caused by a fungus that grows in bat droppings and can cause severe pneumonia.


Bats can also carry fleas, mites, and ticks into your home, which can lead to infestations.

How to Detect a Bat Infestation: Key Signs to Watch Out For

In Knoxville, bats may find the hidden corners of your attic, siding, or chimney inviting places to reside, making bat removal in Knoxville an essential service for homeowners and businesses alike. These skilled flyers can navigate through tiny spaces the size of a quarter, easily accessing your property. While their natural role in controlling pests is valued, their presence can become problematic when they decide to share our living spaces. To identify a bat infestation in your Knoxville property, look out for these signs:

  • Distinct noises from your attic, walls, or chimney, particularly noticeable at dusk and dawn.
  • Accumulations of guano; bat droppings may look like rodent waste but have a uniquely unpleasant smell.
  • Trails of milky white urine stains with a strong odor, indicating frequent bat activity.

Recognizing these signs early is crucial for timely intervention by Knoxville bat removal professionals, ensuring your space remains safe and bat-free.

1. Trapping

After detecting the wildlife and the area, we will come up with a trapping solution that is efficient and ethical.

2. Prevention

Once we have removed the wildlife from your property, we make sure strategies are in place to prevent the problem from repeating.

3. Repair

If any damage was made to your property prior to trapping, we will come up with a solution to handle any repairs.



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