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Bats in the house Alcoa, Tn

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Bats in the house Alcoa

Do you have a bat in the house or seen them flying around your Alcoa, TN residence? The growing issue of bats in the house has become a year-round issue for homeowners in the Alcoa community. Having a bat in the house can cause a panic. If you see a bat in the house, try to keep an eye on it while you wait for Alpha Wildlife to come and remove it. However, make sure to keep a safe distance away from the bat in the house, the last thing anyone wants is to be bitten by the bat. If you are bitten, seek immediate medical attention and contact your local health department. Not all bats have rabies, but we must treat every bat bite as if it were rabid. While having bats in the house is a serious issue, it is typically a result of a bigger problem.

Bats in the house Alcoa | Safety concerns

  • Possible bat infestation
  • Property damage
  • Guano (feces)
  • Health concerns (Rabies and Histoplasmosis)

The process of removing bats in the house may sound like an easy DIY project, but it is nothing of the sorts. Proper removal of bats in the house takes a highly trained and knowledgeable company. All bats are protected by federal and state governments, so when you get bats in the house, call Alpha Wildlife Knoxville to handle the bats effectively, humanely and permanently. Alpha Wildlife technicians are nationally certified in the proper techniques of removing the bats in the house and the rest of the structure.

However, bats do play a vital role in Alcoa’s eco system, by eating an abundant amount of mosquitos and various other small insects, bats can also cause major damage to your home. While bats in the house leave behind bat bugs and guano (feces) with a repulsive odor that can develop harmful toxins, such as histoplasmosis. 

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    Bats in the house Alcoa | Bat Exclusion Experts

    To rid your home of bats, our bat removal experts will implement effective bat exclusion methods to prevent bats from re-entering your home after they leave during the night. Once the bats have all left, our crew will repair any damage they may have caused, including cleaning up the guano and sanitizing the entire area so you no longer must worry about harmful toxins in your house.

    Getting rid of bats from homes in the Alcoa area is our specialty, and we are more than happy to help your current situation. If your home is currently experiencing a bat in the house, call the bat removal experts at Alpha Wildlife Knoxville today!

    Alpha Wildlife Provides Bat Services That Include:

    • Bat control
    • Guano (Feces) Removal
    • Bat removal
    • Odor neutralization
    • Bat Prevention from future bat infestations

    Bat Removal Alcoa | Alpha Wildlife Bat ProfessionalsBats in the attic Alcoa, TN

    Make sure to choose the Alcoa bat removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about bat removal and prevention in the Knoxville, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (865) 224-6555. Contact our Bat Removal and Prevention experts to learn more!

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