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Ineffective DIY Raccoon Removal - Alcoa, TN


Homeowner Efforts At Removing Raccoons 

Without a doubt, raccoons are one of the most intelligent wildlife animals in the Alcoa area. Our team of animal removal experts at Alpha Wildlife have seen many DIY solutions for getting rid of raccoons over the years. Yes, some DIY solutions have limited success, but most do not, and honestly, many times the DIY attempts make our job more difficult.

Like anything else, the Internet offers lots of advice of how to get rid of raccoons. Below are a list of quick homeowner-fixes we often encounter that have not worked.

Strategy #1. Trapping

Many homeowners in the Alcoa area go to a local hardware store and buy a live trap. They think they will just bait the trap, set it out and capture their unwanted houseguest. This often complicates matters, and this is why you shouldn’t set a trap yourself:

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    • Raccoons are thought to be the most intelligent of all animals. If they have been captured in the past, they will avoid getting into a trap again. Seriously, they are very smart animals! Read more here.
    • Traps with food increase the chance of catching another animal – cats, a skunk (yikes!) and other small animals.
    • You could orphan their babies! Please – don’t just get rid of the mother! What if she was just out gathering food for her babies in your attic? The babies will not survive and you will have a liter of babies dead in your attic, costing you further time, stress and money.
    • What about the other raccoons in your neighborhood? They can easily smell the remnants left in your attic and find the entry point. Your raccoon infestation problems will begin all over again.
    • It’s illegal – relocating wildlife beyond specific distances is illegal in some jurisdictions as it’s illegal to spread diseases.

    FACT:  In most states in the U.S., it is illegal for a homeowner who is not a licensed animal control professional or licensed hunter to trap a raccoon. Hunting and trapping regulations vary from state to state. In states where raccoon relocation is illegal, trapping raccoons may lead to criminal charges of animal cruelty!

    Strategy #2. Loud Noises and Bright Lightsraccoon removal and trapping services in knoxville tn

    • You’ll read that some Alcoa homeowners put radios and lights in their attics in hopes of annoying the raccoons so they will relocate. Guess what? Raccoons are accustomed to human sounds that leaving a radio on in the attic is unlikely to instill any fear to this intelligent animal. Attics are large with plenty of places for raccoons to tuck away and hide from the lights. They may even gnaw on your storage items and insulation to try to ‘hide’ from the light. These short-term remedies fail to provide long-term protection against future animal invasion.
    • Please don’t do this to scare the mother raccoon away and abandon her kits (babies) in your attic. This is very inhumane!

    Strategy #3. Mothballs, Ammonia & Coyote Urine

    • These raccoon removal techniques are promoted everywhere on the Internet. You can try them, but it will not stop raccoons from nesting in your attic. We’ve heard this time and time again – it just doesn’t work. Furthermore, this can be toxic to you, your family and your pets. Raccoons are tough and are on a mission to find a warm and secure nesting place – they often just push the mothballs and ammonia-soaked rags out of their way. Coyote urine repellants are only a temporary solution and need to be refreshed every 2 months.

    Strategy #4. Loud Noises and LightsRaccoon Removal professionals in Knoxville

    • Some people will put radios and lights in their attics in hopes of getting rid of raccoons. Raccoons in the greater Alcoa area are so accustomed to human sounds that leaving a radio on in the attic is unlikely to instill any fear. That the radio would have to be played all night long and at a volume that would keep you from getting sleep. Large cavernous attics also supply raccoons with plenty of places to tuck away and hide from lights. Even if lights and noise work for a time, they fail to provide any long-term protection against future invasion and could cause a raccoon mother to abandon her babies in your attic.


    Physical exclusion and prevention is your best choice when it comes to keeping raccoons out of your attic. If you need help with this, give the raccoon removal experts in Alcoa a call at (865) 224-6555. We’ll fully inspect your home and provide a free assessment.

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