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Flying Squirrel Removal In Alcoa, TN

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Flying Squirrels In Your Alcoa Home?

Oh no!  Did the sound of scurrying and scratching noises coming from your attic or chimney wake you up? There’s a good possibility that you have flying squirrels in your attic or chimney and they have made themselves at home. Why your attic or chimney? Perhaps they couldn’t find a tree nearby to nest as they love to nest in high places. When flying squirrels can’t find a tree, they will seek out high tree-like locations – like your attic. They are quick to find an entry on your home, and often they are seeking the warmth found in attics to give birth.

Flying squirrel removal is one of our specialties, along with prevention and restoring your Alcoa area home from squirrel damage. Call now! We offer competitive pricing, and typically provide same day service. Our team is licensed and trained and will provide professional services with exemplary customer service.

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    Usual Flying Squirrel Removal Tasks in Alcoa:

    • Home Inspections to Find Entry Hole(s)
    • Remove Babies by Hand
    • Trap Adult Squirrels
    • Seal Shut Entry Holes after Removal
    • Clean & Sanitize the Attic – Remove Feces & Nesting Material, then Sanitize
    • Remove Soiled Insulation & Replace With New Insulation, IF Needed

    Tell Tale Signs That You Have A Flying Squirrel Infestation in Your Attic

    flying squirrel removal at alpha knoxvilleSeveral animals find their way into our homes, but one of the most obvious signs you have a squirrel in your home is if you hear strange or unexpected noises in your attic, walls, under the floors or in your chimney early in the morning and in the evening. This is when squirrels are most active. Many animals are nocturnal, so you only hear them at night. Often, you’ll hear a ‘scratching’ noise or very quick scurrying around. Rats can also be active during the day.

    What Should You Do?

    We recommend that you act proactively and get a wildlife removal specialist to remove the flying squirrel before it has babies or causes major damage to your electrical wiring, which can become a fire hazard.

    Professional wildlife trappers will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, look for babies, clean and sanitize the area, seal the entry and discuss squirrel prevention in the Alcoa, TN area.

    Prevention is always important. Our wildlife team can teach you things to look for in your home that will help prevent future invasions in your home. Among other things, we recommend installing chimney caps, trimming trees around your home and buildings on your property, and ridding your yard of all easily accessible food sources including bird feeders and pet bowls.

    How Can I Identify Flying Squirrels?

    Flying squirrels have distinct qualities. They are small in size, compared to other squirrels such as grey squirrels, are usually no longer than 12 inches, and weigh around five ounces. They have enlarged eyes and a broad, flattened tail. Flying squirrels have a patagium (wings). This is the extended webs of skin that go from the squirrel’s front and back legs and it enables the squirrels to fly (actually they glide!). Flying squirrels live in communal families with 4 to 20 other flying squirrels.


    Flying Squirrel Damage Can Be Extensive

    Squirrels teeth never stop growing. So, to combat that, they need to chew. They chew electrical wires, create insulation damage, and contaminate your attic and home with their feces and urine.

    Unfortunately, if you have flying squirrels or trees near your Alcoa, TN area home, squirrel chewing on your home can be a problem. Flying squirrels don’t need much room to enter and will chew almost anything they come in contact with.

    Flying Squirrel Removal Remedies

    Multiple home remedies have been attempted, such as leaving the light on in the attic, installing a strobe light, sprinkling cayenne pepper, and bleach. Ultimately, when you get tired of trying these old wives tale remedies, call the Alcoa flying squirrel trapping and removal experts at (865) 224-6555.

    Alpha Wildlife: Alcoa Flying Squirrel Removal Experts

    flying squirrel trapping servicesMake sure to choose the Alcoa flying squirrel removal experts you can count on – Alpha Wildlife! To learn more about flying squirrel removal and prevention in the Alcoa, TN area, follow us on Facebook or YouTube or call us at (865) 224-6555. Contact our flying squirrel control experts to learn more!

    Alpha Wildlife offers flying squirrel removal in the greater Alcoa, TN area, including Clinton, Dandridge, Friendsville, Gatlinburg, Greenback, Kodak, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Pigeon Forge, Powell, Sevierville &  Townsend.

    This includes the following counties: Jefferson, Blount, Knox, Sevier, and Anderson. Call (865) 224-6555 now!


    I had a terrible smell under my house and Alpha Wildlife came to my house the same day! They put traps out and caught the skunks almost immediately. Alpha Wildlife sealed my house and cleaned my crawl space. It looks brand new! I highly recommend!

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    We had a terrible smell in our bathroom that we assumed was a dead animal. Obviously, we needed help ASAP! I called and were able to get someone on the phone right away and they came out very quickly. They found the issue and were finished in less than 20 minutes! Excellent service! I would highly recommend.

    Karen Anderson

    Worked with us and helped us once we realized we had animals living in our attic. In total they removed 3 raccoons and 2 opossums. All the entry holes were sealed. Great service. I highly recommend.

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    I called Alpha Wildlife and within an hour they came out and took care of the issue in minutes with ease. They were very professional and had awesome customer service. I will be sure to recommend to everyone I know that might have unwanted guest in or around their home!

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