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Knoxville's Premier Wildlife Removal Services: Your Solution for Wildlife Intrusions.

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Comprehensive Wildlife Removal in Knoxville: Ensuring Your Home’s Safety and Comfort Experiencing wildlife invasions in your home’s attic, crawl spaces, chimneys, or AC vents can be more than just an inconvenience.

It poses serious health risks and structural damage. At Knoxville’s leading wildlife removal company, we specialize in a comprehensive approach to wildlife control that goes beyond mere removal. Our trained and licensed professionals are experts in identifying all potential entry points for wildlife and effectively sealing them with durable, professional-grade repairs.

Alpha licensed professionals are also trained in prevention techniques.

Most of the damage inside your home or attic is not visible. Squirrels, mice, and rats chew electrical wires, and raccoons, squirrels, possums, rats, and mice spread diseases and often leave droppings and urine in your attic that cause odor problems, and even mold.

We clean up the droppings and sanitize them with a special odor treatment.

We follow Tennessee laws and take care to be humane. Call our wildlife experts in Knoxville – we’ll work hard to impress you and get your living space normal again.


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Beyond Wildlife Removal: Addressing Damage and Health Risks

Wildlife such as squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, possums, and others can cause unseen damage within your home. From chewing on electrical wires—a fire hazard—to spreading diseases and leaving behind hazardous droppings and urine, the risks are significant. Our team not only removes these unwelcome guests but also cleans and sanitizes affected areas to protect your health and home.

Squirrel - Alpha Wildlife in Knoxville
Bat Removal in Knoxville - Alpha Wildlife

Humane and Law-Abiding Wildlife Removal

We are committed to humane wildlife control practices, adhering strictly to Tennessee’s wildlife laws. Our goal is to resolve your wildlife issues with minimal stress to the animals involved and maximum safety for your family.


Our trained professionals will provide you with a quote on only what is necessary to stop your wildlife issue and prevent future entry. We remove wildlife promptly using humane relocation practices. Our team also repairs entry points and assist with prevention education. Wildlife is removed from attics, gutter, crawlspaces, soffits, HVAC duct lines, garages and basements promptly!



Trapping in Knoxville - Alpha Wildlife

Our first step in wildlife removal involves trapping. Because of the abundance of natural resources in Knoxville, unfortunately we have to share our homes with animals. We offer great pricing and unrivaled customer service in animal removal and prevention techniques. Our animal removal team also removes dead animals from homes (only).


Prevention - Alpha Wildlife in Knoxville
Alpha Wildlife will fully inspect your home for any entry points in order to help wildlife and rodents move out. Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons and other critters are often found in attics of homes, in ducts and in crawl spaces. We are licensed and trained to perform effective solutions that will remove the current infestation and stop wildlife from coming back.


Repair - Alpha Wildlife in Knoxville
Squirrels love to chew on wood, wires, and plumbing. All can cause additional damage to your home or business. Squirrels can leave urine, feces, and scent trails throughout your attic. These can have lasting effects on your home.
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Tennessee 5
My experience with Alpha Wildlife was fantastic. I worked with Brandon and Taylor and they were both very respectful of our home and our situation. We had a bat colony (75+) in our attic and had to do exclusion. At first all I could think was how bats cause illness and how many will roost up there in the future if we don't take care of the issue now. Brandon reassured us he could get them out so we hired him. The quote was honest and upfront, his inspection was thorough, he educated us about bats, and he's very easy to get along with. Each time I called him on the phone he would answer and go out of his way to help us. Brandon and Taylor gave us 5☆ service and we would highly recommend them to anyone.
We had a bat problem and got estimates from a couple of places. Alpha beat the others and the service was exceptional. Brandon and his crew were timely, professional and thorough. No bags now. Thank you Alpha
hollie longmire
Excellent service with bat removal! Quick response in removal and intrusion investigation.
Cathy Gallaher
Brandon was absolutely the best!! Excellent work could not be happier with the results!!! Raccoon family had taken up residence under our house, destroying insulation, duct work just a mess, now it’s fantastic and no way anything will get under there !! Thanks again to Brandon and Taylor!!!
Brandi Moody
Very friendly! Excellent service!
Susan A Walter
Prompt, personable, professional and effective! A safe removal of one copperhead snake from our water feature! A huge shout out of thanks to Brandon and Alpha Wildlife!
John Smith
Highly recommend this superb and professional company!! Brandon Majors and his associates, Taylor and Derek were steadfast, efficient, and kept to their task till it was successfully completed! My critter problem was an especially difficult one yet Brandon employed his knowledge, skill and some educated savvy to collect the mama raccoon and her babies!! He kept me adequately informed and provided photos and video throughout the experience to where it became a bit of a fascinating adventure!! Great men.......great company!! Alpha Wildlife is your first and only solution for critter riddance!!
Kim Harbin
Alpha Wildlife Knoxville has been great to work with. Brandon was very professional and knowledgeable of my "Bat" issue. I defiantly would recommend Brandon and Alpha Wildlife.
Laura Mac
Brandon was very professional and oh so calm as he removed not one but two large 6 and 7 foot rat snakes from my basement! He was able to come out the same day and removed the snakes! Highly recommend Alpha Wildlife Knoxville!!


Other animals that you may encounter in or around your home are Raccoons, Armadillos, Possums, Skunks, Snakes, and Birds. Each can carry their own diseases which can transmit to humans. Check us out on Facebook to see more info and pictures. Back to top. Read our Reviews on Google, then call to talk to us at (865) 224-6555.

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